My Favorite Books of 2022

I read 112 books this year. That includes kids’ books, because they are books too! How do I keep count? On StoryGraph– the non-Amazon version of Goodreads. Here are my favorite books that I READ in 2022, in no particular order. Each title is linked to, a great non-Amazon alternative for online book buying thatContinue reading “My Favorite Books of 2022”

Turtle Story: Jataka Retelling

It is said that everyone has a turtle story… Long ago, after a violent storm, sailors clung to chunks of splintered wood, the remaining bits of their wrecked ship. Cold, thirsty, and weakening with every crest and trough of the waves, they floated in the infinite sea. As night fell, one sailor gave up, releasedContinue reading “Turtle Story: Jataka Retelling”

The Almost Anthropologist’s Favorite Books of 2021

‘Tis the season for my annual book list! PSA: Whenever possible, PLEASE support local, independent bookstores, instead of Amazon, as you shop for books this holiday season. I will link all the titles below to which is a great way to shop online while still supporting indies. As always, these are books I readContinue reading “The Almost Anthropologist’s Favorite Books of 2021”

Yoga & Mindfulness Resources for Environmental Educators

As an environmental educator and yoga teacher, I LOVE incorporating mindfulness practices into nature programs. I believe that encouraging mindfulness outside helps students of all ages to become present in both time and place. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a quiet moment out on the hiking trail to listen for birds. Other times IContinue reading “Yoga & Mindfulness Resources for Environmental Educators”

Earth Mandalas: Practicing Mindfulness in Nature

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for CIRCLE. Mandalas are used in many of the world’s cultures and religions as devotional images that symbolize the universe in its ideal form. The creation of a mandala signifies the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy. There are examples of mandalas in nature as well,Continue reading “Earth Mandalas: Practicing Mindfulness in Nature”

“Fighting Beavers for Years!”

Fighting Beavers for Years! is the subject line of an email I recently received. The message described a pond with an overflow pipe clogged with branches and mud. A neighbor with helpful intentions recommended trapping and killing the beavers-to-blame, which they did year after year, in an endeavor they described as a “constant battle.” EveryContinue reading ““Fighting Beavers for Years!””

Beavers Eat Fish and Other Myths

Happy International Beaver Day! Ready to bust some beaver myths and misunderstandings? Beavers do not eat fish. Beavers are strictly herbivores, but they don’t eat only trees either! As ‘choosy generalists,’ their diet consists of many species (80+) of woody, herbaceous, and aquatic plants. Most people blame author C. S. Lewis for the common misunderstandingContinue reading “Beavers Eat Fish and Other Myths”

What Do Reptiles and Restorative Yoga Have in Common?

Brumation! Brumation is a period of dormancy, similar to hibernation, during which an organism becomes physically inactive. It is an adaptive strategy, used by some cold-blooded animals like reptiles and amphibians to survive cold temperatures. Restorative yoga is a style of asana (physical, postural yoga) during which poses are held for longer periods of time,Continue reading “What Do Reptiles and Restorative Yoga Have in Common?”

Quick Thoughts on…Nature Connection

We all connect with nature in different ways, and they are all valid. You can prefer to pee inside and still enjoy being outside. You can simultaneously love your mattress and the mountains, A/C and the AT, Netflix and beaver-chewed sticks. The depth of your love for the earth and its creatures is not provenContinue reading “Quick Thoughts on…Nature Connection”