About Me

Photo by Vishu Thummalapally

Hello, fellow animals- I’m Alison Zak! I am an author, yoga teacher, and wildlife conservationist. I live in northern Virginia with my husband Vishu, Meeko the dog, and Monkey & Gus the adopted budgies. In addition to my writing and spiritual practices, I run the Human-Beaver Coexistence Fund and regret that there is no yoga pose named after the incredible ecosystem engineer, the beaver!

Wild Asana: Animals, Yoga, and Connecting Our Practice to the Natural World is my first book.

Favorite yoga pose: Anything forward-foldy! Preferably with a blanket over
my head 🙂

Favorite animals: Beavers, monkeys, and turtles (oh my!)

Favorite books: Wild Form & Savage Grammar by Andrew Schelling; Shadow Mountain by Renee Askins

Favorite musician: James Taylor

Favorite cryptids: Skunk ape, Mothman, and Yeti

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What inspires me to write: This is probably obvious but…animals and nature! Getting to share this planet with so many other incredible critters is my greatest joy and privilege. Writing about animals allows me to follow my own curiosity to learn more about them and then to share my enthusiasm and deep love for them with others to inspire compassion.

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Photo by Vishu Thummalapally