Children’s Books about Relationships with Animals/Nature

I love children’s literature. I buy and borrow and read children’s books even though I don’t have kids (yet) and even when I’m not teaching other people’s kids. I enjoy the books myself, but I also love sharing my favorites and using the stories as opportunities to discuss what I am most passionate about: theContinue reading “Children’s Books about Relationships with Animals/Nature”

In Memory of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

An influential scientist, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz passed away earlier this month. I was sad to hear of his passing and wanted to write a quick post in memory of his legacy. “His contribution to the conservation of the world’s wild cats and other threatened species has been nothing short of monumental, and his extraordinary legacyContinue reading “In Memory of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz”

How to Safely Enjoy Watching the Silver River Monkeys

A population of introduced, nonnative monkeys lives in what is now Silver Springs State Park and the surrounding area in central Florida. They arrived in the late 1930s when a jungle cruise operator named Colonel Tooey imported them to enhance his river boat tours. He put six rhesus macaques, which are native to Asia, onContinue reading “How to Safely Enjoy Watching the Silver River Monkeys”