Thanksgiving Scaremonkeys

American scarecrows are adorable. These days they seem to be used for decorative purposes in the fall, but I assume they once functioned to scare actual crows (and other critters). Do they still? If so, acting as stand-ins when farmers are absent, scarecrows are literally and metaphorically the middlemen when it comes to human-crow interactions. ThisContinue reading “Thanksgiving Scaremonkeys”

Mourning on the Metro

I just finished the book Endangered by Eliot Schrefer. I have become recently aware of his work and inspired by the way he challenges young adult readers to think differently about their relationships with nonhuman animals, especially other primates. (The book was promptly added to my list of recommendations for children’s books about human relationships withContinue reading “Mourning on the Metro”

How I Taught 3-Year-Olds to Conserve Natural Resources

Meet Drip. This is the character I created to teach my preschool class about conserving water. Drip is made from felt and stitched onto an embroidery hoop. She was used to inspire class discussions on topics such as: 1) where water comes from, 2) how water helps us stay hydrated, clean, and safe from harmful germs,Continue reading “How I Taught 3-Year-Olds to Conserve Natural Resources”

“The time has come” the guilty carnivore said…

This title is inspired by a creepy, groovy pop-up book I had as a kid. I think it was an illustrated version of the poem ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter‘ by Lewis Carroll. I remember only two things about the book- the walrus on the cover who wore weird, John Lennon-y sunglasses and this line:Continue reading ““The time has come” the guilty carnivore said…”

The Second Best Birthday Present Ever

This blog post was going to be titled ‘The Best Birthday Present Ever’ but I got engaged this morning, (YAY!) so this is now a story of the second best birthday present ever…   A woman walks out of a forest she knows well. An animal she has heard about, but never seen, is lounging inContinue reading “The Second Best Birthday Present Ever”

Recommended Books about Relationships with Animals/Nature

Here is a list of books, for adults, about human relationships with animals and/or nature that I have read and enjoyed. The books are in no particular order. There is a mix of scholarly stuff and popular stuff. I will add to the list as I continue to read. Feel free to suggest books inContinue reading “Recommended Books about Relationships with Animals/Nature”

Inner Worm Monologue

I am walking along, listening to a podcast. I look down and encounter a fellow animal. Oh no, look at that worm. It is wriggling…writhing…on the sun-bathed sidewalk. Should I move it? You smug Homo sapiens, thinking you know what’s best for nature. What if a certain number of worms are supposed to fry on the sidewalk? WhatContinue reading “Inner Worm Monologue”