Wedding Planning Tips for Nature Lovers

I just got married! If I learned anything about being engaged it’s that planning a wedding is not all fun and games and giggles and snuggles. It’s stressful! I gathered some tips to assist and inspire other nature-loving couples who have decided to plan a wedding… My fiancé and I already live together and don’tContinue reading “Wedding Planning Tips for Nature Lovers”

Monkey Mindfulness: A Primatologist’s Commentary on the Term ‘Monkey Mind’

I recently went to a meditation class. Through all the guided practices for sitting, walking, and loving-kindness meditations, the instructor did not once mention ‘monkey mind.’ Thank goodness! Have you heard the term? ‘Monkey mind’ is often used by Buddhists and others in the mindfulness community to refer to the tendencies of our distracted mindsContinue reading “Monkey Mindfulness: A Primatologist’s Commentary on the Term ‘Monkey Mind’”

Befriending My Neighbor, the Red Maple

Trees are living things, individuals. We see them every day; yet, we barely notice them. I have an interesting relationship with trees. For a while, I only saw them as homes and resources for the animals I was more interested in watching, mostly primates and birds. I knew that the giant, twisty, old, Spanish moss-coveredContinue reading “Befriending My Neighbor, the Red Maple”

Beaver Believer with Beaver Fever

I am newly obsessed with beavers. Aquatic rodents, ecosystem engineers. They are fascinating animals. I keep coming back to the same thought, “Apes don’t do this stuff! I am a primate person and a rodent is blowing my mind!” They are social, monogamous, cooperative. Busy and eager, sure. They are efficient builders, eating, constructing with,Continue reading “Beaver Believer with Beaver Fever”

International Macaque Day: Preschool Edition

It was International Macaque Day 2018 in the Brown Bears (three-year-old) classroom. I showed my students pictures of different kinds of macaque monkeys and told them about how I lived across the world and took pictures of animals who ate fruit that people grew in their gardens. I showed them an article in a kids’Continue reading “International Macaque Day: Preschool Edition”

When Encouraging Kids to Love Nature Backfires…or Does It?

One day I heard from a teacher (I’ll call her Ms. Kasey) at the preschool where I used to work. She told me that one of my former students (I’ll call him Cody) was stung by a wasp while trying to pet it on the playground. I immediately felt guilty. I am the one whoContinue reading “When Encouraging Kids to Love Nature Backfires…or Does It?”

Merry Christmas, fellow primates!

I like listening to Christmas music. It puts me in a good mood and brings back good memories. I have a handful of favorites, that I listen to on repeat every December, that includes: “Christmas for Cowboys” by John Denver The Smoky Mountain Christmas version of “I Saw Three Ships” James Taylor’s version of “GoContinue reading “Merry Christmas, fellow primates!”