Should You Skip the Straw?

Single-use plastic straws carry a lot more than a sip of iced tea from the glass to your waiting lips these days.

Are straws really harmful to marine life? Does refusing a straw really make a contribution toward reducing ocean pollution?

You can Google these questions ’til the sea cows come home. For me, the answers are irrelevant. Skipping the straw stands for all the decisions, both conscious and unconscious, I make as a consumer. It challenges me to think about the impact of those choices. What started with a straw, has me now thinking about all the single-use plastics that are a part of my daily life and questioning whether they are necessary or simply convenient yet wasteful.

Yes, we can skip the straw and save sea turtles, but can we also eat less meat and save the rainforest? Can we use fewer palm oil products and save orangutans? Can we skip the wildlife selfie and #leaveonlypoetry? What else can we do better???

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